— Птицы Узбекистана

Пустынный ворон

Corvus ruficollis (Lesson, 1831)

Brown-necked Raven

Загружено: 16/04/2016




Khan Asif


40.75558; 67.000122


Asif, thank you! super!

17/04/2016 12:18

O, great!

17/04/2016 17:01

Thanks. I have seen couple of them 3 times at Aydarkul. However they are very very shy. This is the only decent picture that I could take. Good for documentation.

11/11/2018 22:14

There is still only one picture ! Even Eagles are not so shy like these birds ! I think this last picture soon will be replaced in the Museum . May be they are all died . However , Thank you Khan Asif .

По такой фото нет уверенности, что вОрон, а не молодая черная ворона.

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